Unfortunately, throughout his career, King struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction, which he has spoken about openly in interviews and his memoir, On Writing. King has described his addiction as a way of coping with the pressures of his success, as well as the trauma of a near-fatal car accident in 1999. The former First Lady of the United States became well-known for her public battle with alcoholism and addiction, which she openly discussed. Unlike many alcoholics and famous drug addicts of her time, she took the initiative by becoming a true advocate for the importance of seeking treatment. British singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her apartment in London in 2011. The artist, who had a history of substance abuse, died of alcohol poisoning.

celebrities who died of alcoholism

Daniel Radcliffe, best known for his role as Harry Potter, is yet another one of the many celebrities who are recovering alcoholics. Morningside Recovery offers celebrities who died of alcoholism the full-spectrum of comprehensive addiction treatment in Orange County, CA. Take that first step on the road to recovery and make better choices, every day.

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These symptoms can start within hours after one’s last consumed alcoholic beverage. It is important not to take these symptoms lightly, as they might be a precursor for more severe symptoms. Individual Therapy – This method of one-on-one counselling is a process through which a patient https://ecosoberhouse.com/ is connected to a medical professional for personalized treatment. In a safe, caring, and confidential environment, an individualized therapy is very effective. Clients are able to discuss their values, problems, and even identify issues in their life that require attention.

He was reported to have just entered rehab again shortly before his death. Anyone who has ever struggled with addiction knows that it can be a deadly disease. Unfortunately, many celebrities have lost their lives to alcohol and drug abuse. Despite their fame and fortune, they couldn’t escape the addiction that caused their death.

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Popular singer Whitney Houston passed away at the age of 48 due to a drug overdose. In 2012, she was found dead in a bathtub with bottles of prescription medicines scattered in her hotel room. According to reports, Houston took a combination of drugs including Xanax, marijuana, Flexeril, and cocaine. This blog post is dedicated to those famous people who tragically passed away due to addiction.

You see it so often in Hollywood, talented actors and musicians succumbing to fatal overdoses of drugs or alcohol — sometimes both. Some live a public party life, so when news of their untimely death surfaces, few are surprised. By 1971, doctors had advised him to stop touring because alcoholism and liver damage had greatly affected his health. On March 8, 1973, he was found dead at age 27 due to a gastrointestinal hemorrhage. In 2013, King opened up to The Guardianabout his former alcohol addiction, describing how he’s not ashamed actors who died of alcoholism of his past. He said, “There’s a thing in AA, something they read in a lot of meetings, “The Promises.” Most of those promises have come true in my life, We’ll come to know a new freedom and new happiness, that’s true.

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Many people decide to ignore their problem by using opiates such as alcohol. And that can lead to serious health and mental problems, which has been proven many times over. Check out this gallery to see which stars died as a result of alcohol abuse. The stories of famous alcoholics we’ve outlined in this article demonstrate the impact that addiction can have on individuals, regardless of their fame, success, or social status. Alcoholism is a disease that affects people from all walks of life, regardless of their socioeconomic status, profession, or level of fame.

In doing so, Fisher became one of the first alcoholics in Hollywood to speak openly about addiction and mental health issues, paving the way for others to do the same. He has been open about his addiction and the role it played in his personal life, including his divorce and strained relationships with his family. The fact is that just like millions of not-so-famous people suffering from alcohol use disorder or abuse, these well-known alcoholics have had their lives torn apart by this disease. Read on as we dive into the stories of famous alcoholics in history, those who have recovered (and some still struggling) with it. The 33-year old Saturday Night Live comic’s death was caused by an overdose of cocaine and morphine. The death of the 39-year old actress was caused by an overdose of benzodiazepines and chloral hydrate.

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At just 21, he had already gathered a devoted following who felt seen and understood through his work. His passing ignited conversations about the glamorization of drug use in some musical subcultures, adding urgency to calls for more responsible portrayals of substance abuse. The legendary Michael Jackson’s life was cut short by an overdose of propofol in 2009.

celebrities who died of alcoholism